Luxury Auto Storage

What is Auto Storhäus?

Auto Storhäus is a full-service, auto concierge company providing a unique way of storing your high-line vehicles. Consider it a fully secured warehouse, essentially an exclusive car condo for your vehicle. Auto Storhäus is situated in an undisclosed location in North Atlanta (Cobb County), Georgia. (For security reasons, the location will not be divulged until you sign a contract with our company). Auto Storhäus specializes in long term care and maintenance of your vehicle while storing/protecting it at our secured indoor facility.

Why Use Auto Storhäus Indoor Storage?

  • Safe

    Your vehicle will be SAFE – All vehicles are valet parked by our trained staff and technicians who ensure that your car always leaves its parking spot the way it arrived.

  • Secure

    Your vehicle will be SECURE – Our discreet location features the most advanced monitored security system, with night vision and motion detection cameras that sends photos and alerts instantly to our mobile phones.

  • Convenient

    We make it CONVENIENT – You can drop off or pick up your vehicle with as little as one hour notice 7 days a week, 365 days a year.